What is precision public health?

Precision public health is an emerging field that utilises data to guide the right intervention to the right people at the right time. In doing so, precision public health is revolutionising public health practice and paving the way to better population health.

Recent technological advancements have made it possible to collect accurate individual- and population-level data on genes, environment, behaviour and other social and economic determinants of health. This has been demonstrated across a broad range of disciplines including genomics, spatial data, data linkage, epidemiology, health informatics, big data, predictive analytics and communications technologies. By utilising more precise data for action, public health interventions may be enhanced to improve health for sub-populations most in need and address health disparities in a more effective and efficient manner.

About PPH Asia 2018

With the theme ‘Discover, Share, Identify and Influence’, PPH Asia 2018 will bring together a core group of specialists and stakeholders to explore the concept of precision public health and consider the impact of recent technological advancements on health outcomes. The challenges and opportunities to advance the precision public health domain will also be explored, and delegates will be given an opportunity to influence the way forward for precision public health in Asia and beyond.

Active participation at PPH Asia 2018 is imperative. So, put your laptops to sleep and your phones on silent, roll up your sleeves and get ready to discover, share, identify and influence the future of precision public health.

DISCOVER Enabling technologies
Hear from experts around the world on the innovations that have enabled the emergence of precision public health.

SHARE Impacts and outcomes
Be inspired by how these enabling technologies have been applied to improve health outcomes at the population level.

IDENTIFY Challenges and opportunities
Immerse yourself in deep conversation to identify the challenges and opportunities to advance precision public health.

INFLUENCE The future of precision public health
Your active participation will shape a global strategy and action plan to advance precision public health in Asia and beyond.

The framework below provides an overview of the critical elements of precision public health and the range of topics that will be covered at PPH Asia 2018.