Carmencita David Padilla, MD, MAHPS

University of the Philippines Manila, Philippines

Dr. Padilla is Professor of Pediatrics at the College of Medicine and currently Chancellor of  University of the Philippines Manila. She is the Founding Director of the Institute of Human Genetics and the Newborn Screening Reference Center at the National Institutes of Health. Recognizing her varied contributions to the academic growth of genetics in the Philippines, she was conferred Academician of the National Academy of Science and Technology in 2008. Dr. Padilla is a pioneer in genetics in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region. In the Philippines, she is responsible for setting up the clinical genetic services at the Philippine General Hospital in 1990 and the various genetic laboratories now housed at the Institute of Human Genetics – National Institutes of Health (www.ihg.upm.edu.ph).  She is also responsible for setting up of national newborn screening services in the Philippines, currently available in 6000+ health facilities in the country and being served by 5 newborn screening laboratories and 14 continuity clinics that monitor the long term care of the patients.  In the Asia Pacific region, she is part of the pioneering group that established the Asia Pacific Society for Human Genetics and served as president in 2008-2010.  Dr. Padilla is Council member of the Human Genome Organization, an international organization of scientists from 69 countries (www.hugo-international.org). She is Vice President and Treasurer of the International Society for Neonatal Screening (www.isns-neoscreening.org). In 2010, she was appointed country representative to the InterAcademy Medical Panel, a global network of more than 60 academies in the world.

Dr Padilla has been a recipient of international and national awards. Dr Padilla has more than 100 publications. In the area of policy making, she is responsible for the Newborn Screening Act of 2004 (Republic Act 9288) and the recently passed Rare Disease Act (Republic Act 10747).