Christine M. O’Keefe PhD MBA

Senior Principal Research Scientist formerly at CSIRO Data61

Adjunct Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide

Christine is a Senior Principal Research Scientist and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. In addition to holding research leadership positions in CSIRO, Christine was the founding Director of the Population Health Research Network Centre for Data Linkage, and Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin University. She was a member of the international scientific review committee of the UK Anonymisation Network and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Privacy Advisory Committee. Currently Dr O’Keefe is a member of the Methodology Advisory Committee of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Christine’s research focusses on methods to address the balance between allowing data access and use with protecting privacy and confidentiality of people and organisations represented in data. She was recognised as an exceptional senior scientist in CSIRO with a Newton Turner Career Award 2010. In 2016, Christine was awarded a prestigious Simons Foundation Fellowship to participate as a pre-eminent mathematician in the six month Data Linkage and Anonymity programme of the Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK.

Prior to joining CSIRO, Christine held roles in the University sector, including a Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship. During this time her work in finite geometry and information security was recognised by the award of the 1996 Hall Medal of the Institute for Combinatorics and Applications for outstanding contributions to the field, and the 2000 Australian Mathematical Society Medal for distinguished research in the mathematical sciences. Dr O’Keefe was the first woman to win the latter medal in the history of the award, gaining inclusion on the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame Signature Quilt: A Patchwork of Empowerment, 2003.