Robert Trengrove

Director of the Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory
Murdoch University, Australia

Associate Professor Robert Trengrove is the founder and Director of the Separation Science and Metabolomics Laboratory at Murdoch University and a Node Leader of Metabolomics Australia. A/Prof Trengrove’s experienced team of metabolomics researchers is one of the leading metabolomics research groups in Australia, with strong links to other metabolomics centres in Europe and the USA. They undertake research in medicine and health, focusing on the nexus between environment and health, environmental, food security, grains and agriculture.

The current establishment of the Australian Phenome Centre (APC) in Perth, Western Australia, results from the vision and internationally recognised pioneering work in metabolic phenotyping by A/Prof Trengrove. The APC will have the largest collection of mass spectrometers in the southern hemisphere, combined with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and advanced data modelling. Here it is envisaged scientists will be able to reveal the unique metabolic signature of individuals and communities to better predict, prevent and treat disease.