With the theme ‘Discover, Share, Identify and Influence’PPH Asia 2018 will bring together some of the best minds and most passionate people to drive the Precision Public Health movement in our region. We will explore the impact of recent technological advancements on health outcomes and the challenges and opportunities to advance this rapidly emerging field. Our dynamic and highly interactive program will harness the energy, diverse expertise and passion of each of our participants to work towards common goals.


Enabling technologies: the engine of change

We are living in a time of rapid change. Change that is being driven by advancements in science and technology but, in turn, is challenged by our capacity to adapt and prepare for the future. New developments in science and technology have equipped us with the ability to utilise a broad range of individual and population level data, including that of our genes, environmental exposures and lifestyle. An example of this is sensor and wearable technology, which collects real-time data on individuals, communities and the environment in which we live. Other new developments include machine learning and artificial intelligence methods, which are enabling big data to be analysed to better assist clinical decision-making at an unprecedented level.

This session will be guided by open space technology and feature prominent leaders from around the world, who will share their industry insight on key developments that have enabled Precision Public Health.


Exemplar inspired learning and case studies from the region      

The core mission of public health is to preserve, promote and improve the health and well-being of individuals at the population level. Marginalised and disadvantaged groups have the greatest needs and therefore have the most to gain from public health programs and initiatives. The way in which technology is utilised to enable Precision Public Health must be considered carefully as a delicate balance exists between promoting equity and exacerbating inequity.

In this session, we will showcase innovative and practical case studies of the use of enabling technologies in Precision Public Health. Presenters will describe the problems faced, the approaches they took, the outcomes achieved and lessons learnt. Participants will have the opportunity to question and explore how these case studies could be applied in different contexts, and with different resources, in the Asian region.


Facingchallenge head on   

Precision Public Health holds immense promise for improving human health and wellbeing. Exponential expansion in new technologies and big data in recent years presents a unique window of opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to address emerging population health priorities and future needs. However, as with any new frontier, the vast opportunities need to be viewed through the lens of potential risks with due consideration of the possible social, ethical, legal, governance, and technical challenges and obstacles. Issues of practical implementation as well as perception and acceptability to stakeholders are also vital considerations for future success.

This interactive session will bring together leading thinkers and practitioners across the health, technology and community sectors to identify challenges for Precision Public Health in the Asia region and develop solutions for future implementation.

Partnerships and collaborations       

Precision Public Health is revolutionising public health practice and paving the way to better population health. Collaborations and shared journeys aligned to unmet patient and population need are critical to discovering, sharing and influencing the local and global impact of Precision Public Health.

In this fluid and creative session international leaders will explore the opportunities for new and accelerated partnerships to drive the international Precision Public Health agenda with an emphasis on Asia, and further abroad.


Precision Public Health, the Vision for 2025

This is where the program gets serious and participation is crucial.  As participants of PPH Asia 2018 you will have the opportunity to help shape a strategy and action plan to advance Precision Public Health in Asia and beyond.  Facilitators will guide us through workshops to identify key initiatives, projects and collaborations for the short and longer term.  We will develop a strategic roadmap, actionable goals and key relationships to keep the innovative conversation alive well after we leave this symposium.